Who I am?

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Hi, I am Renith, a photographer passionate about the shades of life. A freelance
photographer, I approach photography with an artistic and creative flavour.
Over the past four years, I have been documenting moments of happiness,
celebrations and success with enthusiasm and passion.

Specialised in videography, photography and post-production, I capture
moments of romance, affection and fulfilment with an artistic sensibility and
deliver the final product with utmost perfection. A trendsetter in the world of
fashion, I create the most iconic and exclusive photographs and videos to
captivate the world.

A perfect encapsulation of timeless memories is what I deliver to my clients.
Sun-drenched weddings, mystic lives, festivities, comprehensive coverage of
live events and exciting fashion moments with delicate details and action-
oriented narratives are what I offer to my clients.

What I do?

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Martin Vegas

Artist & Photographer

I am an artist and photographer. Sollicitudin diam vitae, amet lacus donec eu, donec vulputate duis nullam nulla, suscipit nulla orci, ornare maecenas eget gravida. Curae sollicitudin lobortis phasellus. Fusce sapien, metus mi et libero enim sed lorem.
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